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Carpet Cleaning
Clean Effect
Carpet Cleaning Larissa

Clean Effect undertakes cleaning of all types of carpets, carpets, flocks, directly and responsibly, at the best market prices.

It has the right equipment for cleaning your carpet and comes to your place with a phone call.

For the cleaning of carpets, we use hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, chemical-free materials for a perfectly healthy and complete result.

We undertake FREE storage of your carpet in our large storages, as well as delivery - delivery to your place! Each carpet is stored and stored in complete safety, away from moisture and dust.

Our commitment is to provide complete high quality cleaning services for our customers.

Contact us here and we will serve you directly!





6, KARDITSIS STR, LARISSA | 2411102483, 6974382082, 6945417283